Fertility and IVF support

Natural fertility support. Treatment for women and men.

Acupuncture can assist both women and men to improve their fertility naturally.

When the body-mind is imbalanced, it can be hard for the body to naturally conceive.  Acupuncture can help to bring a woman’s body-mind into optimal condition to support natural conception. It can also support a couple through the IVF process and IVF transfer. In addition to improving overall health, acupuncture can assist with regulating menstrual cycles, increasing ovarian blood flow, supporting embryo implantation and improving egg quality. 

Treatment is also available for men to improve reproductive health and works to improve the quality and quantity of sperm produced. 

Modifications in diet and lifestyle advice is also available to assist in improving health and fertility for both women and men.

For IVF preparation, a minimum of 3 months of treatment is recommended.

**Please note that under national law claims of efficacy of treatment are required to be made with reference to evidence of a high standard. Any conditions mentioned on this website have been listed based on a range of strong evidence to inconclusive evidence. For any clarification you please view the Acupuncture Evidence Project.