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Ever wondered how your actions can affect your lifespan? Our daily diet and lifestyle choices can make a significant impact on both the quality and length of our life. Making good diet and lifestyle choices increases your well being and longevity, whereas poor choices decrease them. Health research has shown that:


  • A serve of veggies increases your lifespan by a few hours
  • The first 20 minutes of exercise adds about 1 hour to your life
  • Each day you keep your mind active adds 2 hours to your lifespan
  • For each day you are married (as long as it is healthy), 3.5 hours are added to your life.


  • Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day reduces your lifespan by 5 hours
  • Eating a serve of red meat reduces your lifespan by 30 minutes
  • Watching one hour of television reduces your lifespan by 15 minutes
  • Having a mammogram reduces lifespan by 4 hours and a CT scan takes about 75 hours off your life.

With wisdom we can weigh up the choices we make to ensure we are making healthy decisions.

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