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Originally cultivated by in the Aztecs and Incas from around 700 C.E., tomatoes are incredibly versatile and are used across a wide range of cuisines.

From a Chinese dietary perspective, they have specific qualities that can be used for healing.

Tomatoes have a sweet and sour flavour and a thermally cold quality which means they are great for:

  • Enriching yin as they promote fluids
  • Clearing heat and removing dryness
  • Cooling and cleaning the blood.

They belong to the Earth phase (the season of Late Summer and of the transitions between the seasons).They also support the Stomach (Earth) and Liver (Wood).

Due to their cold properties, they are best avoided if you have weak digestion or Spleen qi or yang deficiency.

They can be used to treat heat conditions, such as nosebleeds and skin disorders with itching. They can also relive restlessness and nervousness.