Wellness Coaching

Finding freedom, joy and peace

Lee-Anne is one of the most insightful people I know when it comes to the human body and mind. In our sessions she helped me see the things within myself that were causing hardship and unhappiness. Our sessions were fun, active and challenging and she was exceptional at reading what I needed in every moment. She gave me lots of good, effective strategies that I could apply throughout the week and they really made a difference to the overall quality of my life. I honestly didn’t expect to learn this much so I am very grateful for her help and would highly recommend her for anyone struggling with their own health - both physical and mental.

Andrew V

On my first visit I noticed lee Anne’s gentle understanding nature. I felt immediate confidence in her motivation and knowledge to gently treat my condition. My ill health was something that was causing me a great deal of pain (burning mouth syndrome) and distress in my daily life. It was after my first session that I noticed a marked improvement in my general wellbeing and reduction of pain. Moving forward I noticed improved balanced energy within myself and felt a gentle calm after each visit.

I have travelled a wonderful positive path forward since I commenced treatment and wellness coaching with Lee-Anne. I now enjoy feeling grounded and free within myself to explore new possibilities. This has also brought about a renewed sense of self worth .

I would highly recommend Lee-Anne as an essential practitioner to all who wish to enjoy a continued health and well being journey .

Kym H

Why my coaching is different

I help you get to the heart of the matter and gain insights quickly. Then I provide you with strategies and methods to help you integrate what you learn in your sessions into your everyday life.


Wellness coaching is available online, or can be integrated into a face-to-face acupuncture session. Some patients get the most benefit by alternating acupuncture with coaching sessions.


Coaching can help you:

  • Improve self confidence
  • Activate self love
  • Improve self esteem
  • Generate more peace and calm
  • Gain more control over your thoughts and stories
  • Regain or enhance your personal power
  • Free yourself from obstacles and issues that no longer serve you
  • Improve relationships with self and others
  • Let go of excess weight
  • Improve physical health

Fearless Woman Program

The 9-week Fearless Woman Program targets professional women 40-60 years young experiencing exhaustion, anxiety and confusion, to transform their lives so they can have more energy, confidence and joy.

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Lee-Anne Armitage

“One of my biggest joys is facilitating others to live a happy, healthy and joyous life.”

I realised in my early 20s that what made me the happiest was helping others. Over time, I’ve become increasingly interested in helping people to live more vital, healthy and joyous lives. I’m extremely fortunate that acupuncture has provided me with a vehicle to live this out vision.

In the last few years I’ve become drawn towards Wellness Coaching to help my clients achieve a happy, content and fulfilled life.

My life journey has endowed me with rich experiences, knowledge and insight. I’ve practiced the meditative arts since my early twenties including meditation and silent meditation retreats, qi gong and tai chi practice and meditative Japanese painting, Sumie. For a number of years, I also taught short courses in mindfulness.

As an acupuncturist, I provide diet and lifestyle education to my patients. This is important not only for physical but also for mental and emotional wellbeing. This experience provided a very solid basis and vehicle into the realm of coaching.

I’ve completed a Level 1 & 2 coaching course and I’m also studying a Quantum Dimensional Healing course to supercharge my coaching practice and to offer esoteric healing as well.