Dr Lee-Anne Armitage, Acupuncturist

Passionate about good heatlh

Lee-Anne came to practice acupuncture after suffering from debilitating migraines, and trying many other modalities only to gain a short term fix. Eventually, she found acupuncture and it gave her immediate and lasting relief. Working in the Tertiary Education sector at the time, Lee-Anne had been looking for a career change and quickly decided that acupuncture was the best way for her help many other people, as she herself had been helped.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture), Lee-Anne undertook postgraduate-level studies in Toyohari, otherwise known as East Asian Meridian Therapy, a Japanese form of acupuncture based on classical Chinese Medicine. She now sits on the board for the Australasian branch of the Toyohari Association, as Academic Dean (interim), a dedicated group of practitioners who believe in constant perfection of their technique and who undertake extensive further training every year – alternately in Australia for Australasian members and in Japan with practitioners from all over the world.

Lee-Anne has had the honour and privelidge to train under a number of highly esteemed and experienced Toyohari teachers and practitioners in Japan and Australasia including Stephen Birch, Michael Hook, Ted Pearson and Paul Movsessian.

Toyohari acupuncture differs from most other forms of the therapy in that it uses a more delicate treatment method, placing great emphasis on the use of pulse diagnosis and palpation skills. It is gentle, painless and includes non-insertive options. For this reason, Lee-Anne finds the technique excellent for the very young or elderly (she has treated patients as young as 10 days old up to late 80’s), the highly sensitive or very weak, and for those that could benefit from acupuncture but are apprehensive about needles being inserted.

Lee-Anne loves seeing the transformation in a client from being in pain to pain-free, from being breathless to free and easy breathing, from anxious or stressed to calm. She loves seeing and feeling the relief and happiness of a woman who finally falls pregnant, or a relived mother when their child is well again. She has a holistic approach to health care and believes in empowering each person to support and promote optimal health. For Lee-Anne, being an acupuncturist isn’t a job, it is a privilege.

Lee-Anne is committed on continual learning and has undertaken studies in Esoteric Acupuncture; Five Element Acupuncture; Fertility, IVF and pregnancy support; Shonishin paediatric acupuncture and cosmetic acupuncture (facial rejuvenation). She has substantial experience in supporting patients suffering from many conditions including many types of chronic pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety and stress, Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes and cancer. Lee-Anne also supports patients looking for natural fertility options, pregnancy support (pre and post-natal), as well as helping babies and children to be strong and healthy.

Photo of Lee-Anne Armitage

Below are two videos of Lee-Anne participating in the Toyohari Summer School in Tokyo in 2017, under the guidance of Murakami Sensei.