Dr Lee-Anne Armitage Acupuncturist & Coach

With over ten years of experience, Lee-Anne employs her love of Traditional Japanese Medicine, mindfulness and meditation practice and coaching to help you achieve you health and happiness goals and experience life with more balance, vitality and joy.

Traditional Japanese Medicine

Activate your body-mind’s innate natural healing.

Natural, holistic and gentle, Classical Japanese Meridian Therapy and Kampo herbal medicine can address a wide range of health concerns, including acute and chronic illness, preventative care and heath maintenance.

Specialised painless and non-insertive treatments are available for babies, children, needle-phobic and sensitive patients.

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Wellness Coaching

Take the journey towards emotional balance and wellbeing.

Gain the insight you need so you can release obstacles and old habits and create new opportunities and freedom to live your life with more joy.

Wellness coaching can help with stress, anxiety, anger, fear, grief and overthinking. It may also help with stubborn physical conditions that are difficult to work with as well as weight loss.