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Natural, holistic and gentle transformative healing

Are you searching for a way to achieve wellness, balance and vitality? Traditional East Asian Medicine can support the transformation of your body and mind to achieve your health goals, which may include:

  • recovery from acute illnesses, such as viruses
  • management of skin conditions and allergies
  • pain management
  • chronic disease management
  • natural fertility and pregnancy support
  • cancer treatment support
  • preparation for surgery and aftercare
  • achieving and maintaining higher levels of health
  • balancing the emotions
  • preventative care.
moxibustion treatment
Acupuncture needles
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Why Choose Me?

Treating the individual

Holistic treatment which takes into account a person's entire body, mind and spirit.
By treating the person and not a disease, healing can take place on these three levels.

Holistic diagnosis and treatment

All of your symptoms, your diet and lifestyle are taken into account. The aim of treatment is to bring the whole system into balance. Lifestyle and diet modification advice is offered to help you help yourself.

Compassionate and friendly approach

Feeling safe and accepted is important in the healing process. Feel listened to and cared for.
No judgement.

Painless needle-free options available

Toyohari non-insertive treatments are suitable for everyone, especially highly sensitive patients and those with chronic conditions. Shonishin paediatric acupuncture is gentle and pleasant for babies and children.

You get my undivided attention at each session.

Treatment is very dynamic and based on the condition of your body-mind at each treatment. Pulse reading provides ongoing insight as to how treatments are progressing. I don’t insert needles and then leave the room.

Qualified and Registered

Qualifications include a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Acupuncture) with post-graduate studies in Japanese Toyohari. Registered with the Chinese Medicine Board Australia (AHPRA) and a member of the Australian Medicine Association.

Want to know how acupuncture can help you?

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