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Mandarins, also known as tangerines, are delicious, juicy and in season right now.

The flesh of the fruit is cooling, with sweet and sour qualities. Fresh mandarins can be used to relieve:

  • painful urination
  • thirst due to fever
  • chronic cough
  • hangover
  • chest congestion and
  • indigestion.

As the flesh is cooling, be careful to not consume it too much if you suffer from cold symptoms.

Dried mandarin peel is warming, bitter and pungent. It can be used to:

  • strengthen the spleen and stomach and thus aid digestion
  • increase appetite
  • remove phlegm and damp from the body, e.g. chest congestion and vomiting
  • reduce flatulence and hiccups.

To make mandarin peel tea, remove the peel from the fruit, with the white pith still attached. Let the peel dry, then store in a jar for up to a month. Simply add the dried peel to water and let sit for a few minutes before drinking.