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In Chinese Medicine, people are seen in relationship to nature and the seasons. This philosophy came from a time when humans worked harmoniously with nature. Unfortunately these days, modern societies seem to work against, or try to control nature, with unfortunate outcomes for both humans and the planet.  

To live in accordance with the each season gives us the tools to be happier and healthier and to respect nature and her bounty. 

In Five Phase or Five Element theory of Chinese Medicine outlines relationships between aspects of the human being, such as our organs, emotions, sound, taste, and climactic factors such as wind as well as the elements. In spring, our liver is highlighted and can be most affected by the windy spring weather. 

By incorporating the right diet and lifestyle advice for the season of spring, we can support and enhance our health, happiness and wellbeing. I’ve created a Spring Lifestyle Guide for you to download and use throughout spring. 

In addition to eating foods that support your liver, its also important to eat foods that are seasonal and locally grown. I’ll be sending you a list of seasonal food for each month, with a recipe for a tasty spring dish.