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Winter is the time to slow down, to rest and sleep a little more. The time to enjoy doing less. We don’t often adjust our pace to the change of seasons; we often feel like we should have an abundance of energy all year round. However, working against the natural patterns and characteristics of the seasons does not support optimal health and wellbeing. To feel your best in winter – slow down, do less, and smile.

We think that doing more and being busy is better. People often ask “Have you been busy?”, as if busyness is a sign of success.

By ensuring that we are always busy, I think we actually limit ourselves. Being constantly busy reduces our ability to really live in and experience our life in each moment, as it unfolds. We can get so busy rushing from one thing to another, that there is little enjoyment and fulfilment in our lives.

Busyness limits our creativity and our ability to absorb and move with change, to work through or rest with our emotions. It thus has a negative impact on our physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Why do we need to be busy and achieve so much? What benefits does it bring, if any? What would happen if we slowed down and did less but with more mindfulness, effort and energy? How would this affect our moods, emotions and mental state? How would it benefit our health and wellbeing?

Allowing ourselves to slow down and rest supports our body-mind to heal itself. Rest is a significant ingredient in healing, which is so often overlooked and undervalued. I believe that this is partly due to advertisements which encourage us to ‘soldier on’ instead of taking care of ourselves and getting the rest and care that we need. Good physical and mental wellbeing requires both physical and mental rest.

You can view and download some tips to help you slow down a little and enjoy life at a slower pace this winter. I’ve also designed a journal guide to help you explore the value you place on being busy. I hope you enjoy working through this.

Lee-Anne xx